The Ultimate Multifunctional Light


Introducing LANTERN

Packed with Must Have Features

Light up your campsite, illuminate your path, charge your phone, mount to your bike....LANTERN does it all!

Quickly charge your phone and other USB devices

RAVE REVIEWS for lantern

"In the great outdoors, getting more out of a single tool means a better time at camp and less gear and weight in your pack...the Lantern's flat bottom and diffuser let you stand it up on the ground, table or other flat surface in lantern mode, and the included strap and carabiner let you hang it off a branch or tent ceiling."

"If you're going camping with your bike you would be hard pressed to find a more suitable light."

"LANTERN is a powerful (1000 lumens), multifunction flashlight that appeals to the audience that places reliance on their gear in harsh situations. From the bike packer to the camper to the emergency prepper, this flashlight should appeal to all of you guys."

"With the over abundance of available outdoor gear it is nice to find products that can do multiple things to limit your purchases. Meet LANTERN, this gadget is one part lantern/flashlight/charger/bike headlight...The idea of a swiss army knife of lighting is intriguing."

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Relationships: The Core of LANTERN's Success

Relationships: The Core of LANTERN's Success

In my last post, I talked about LANTERN’s journey and what it took to get there. I told you that a key piece of my success was directly linked to t...
LANTERN—How Observation and Determination Lit the Way

LANTERN—How Observation and Determination Lit the Way

LANTERN. The waterproof, impact-resistant, multifunctional light that mounts to your bike, charges your phone, and lights your way. Behind every gr...

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